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Aquatic life showing signs of improvement, 5 years after Lac-Mégantic oil spill

13:04 03 July in Uncategorized

[ad_1] Five years after the Lac-Mégantic train derailment, aquatic life is steadily recovering even though the oil that seeped into the Chaudière River is still present, according to experts from Quebec's Environment Ministry.More than six million litres of crude oil either burned or leaked into the environment on July...

Narwhals most vulnerable marine mammals to Arctic vessels, polar bears the least, study says

16:40 02 July in Uncategorized

[ad_1] As the open-water season becomes longer in the Arctic, little is known about how increasing vessel traffic affects marine mammals, but a new study is shedding some light.The article, published by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, discusses the vulnerability of marine mammals to vessel traffic in...