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50 Years Ago a U.S. Military Jet Crashed in Greenland–with 4 Nuclear Bombs Onboard

02:16 25 January in Uncategorized

[ad_1] The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research. Fifty years ago, on Jan. 21, 1968, the Cold War grew significantly colder. It was on this day that an American B-52G Stratofortress bomber, carrying four nuclear bombs, crashed onto the...

If you’re going to blame a cyberattack on North Korea, you better show your work

00:14 25 January in Uncategorized

[ad_1] Figuring out who's behind a cyberattack is hard — something that cybersecurity experts will tell you time and time again.It's why some were understandably surprised when the Ontario regional transit operator Metrolinx claimed on Tuesday evening that it had fallen victim to a North Korean  cyberattack.Coming out...