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Grizzly bear chases kayaker down B.C. river

Grizzly bear chases kayaker down B.C. river

06:37 20 July in Uncategorized

UPDATE: ‘He just wanted to taste Kiwi’: New Zealand kayaker says B.C. grizzly wanted to eat him

A rafting guide recently got a fright when a young grizzly bear tried to chase him down the Elaho River near Squamish, B.C.

In the video, which was shot on a Wedge Rafting trip, the bear can be seen charging into the water toward the rescue kayaker on the commercial rafting trip.

The kayaker appears to be unaware of the bear until paddlers on the raft behind shout and blow whistles to sound the alarm.

The kayaker then paddles away from the bear in a flurry of quick strokes.

Meanwhile, those on the raft prepare to negotiate their way past the bear as they float toward it in the quick moving current.

Nobody from the company was available to comment on the incident.

Read more from CBC British Columbia

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